Difficulties In The Life of Great People Explain Why You Shouldn’t Be Brokenhearted


To the brokenhearted, you are not alone in the inevitable ocean of life. That’s why the difficulties in the life of great people explain why you shouldn’t be brokenhearted.

It Has Happened In The Past

You should have heard it several times ‘Everything that’s happening currently has happened before.

And that’s true.

Living under the seven heavens and below the seven earths is a great blessing.

However, it doesn’t matter how much belief you have in Allah, nor the amount of time you spend worshipping Him. You are still a victim in the court of difficulties.

Let face it, we all face uncertain time. When overthinking and sadness is all our heartbeat.

We all have difficult moments we face.

Lessons Learned From The Unstable Life Of Great People

Great people also face the same difficulty, even much more heartbreaking than what we face.

Adam And Even

Adam needed Hawa (Eve) to enjoy living in the Garden- The need for love and intimacy is not codependency

The Mother of Prophet Isa

Maryam’s greatest honour was being the mother of Isa – Being a single mother is not a disgrace

Betrayed By A Partner: Difficulty faced By Prophet Lut

Lut’s (Lot) wife didn’t listen to his instructions- Even great partners can be betrayed by their spouses

Killed By Her Husband

Asiyah was killed by her husband, Pharoah- Your abusive partner is not your fault. And this also explains the difficulties in the life of great people.

Sickness Is Not The End

Ayyub A.S battled sickness and repeated trials- Chronic illness is nothing to be ashamed of

Successful Parenting

Nuh’s A.S own son rejected him- Effective parenting doesn’t guarantee successful children

Migrating Ones Homeland

Musa A.S had to flee his homeland in pursuit of safety- You can be a refugee or migrant and build a new home

Threatened To Be Kill

Ibrahim’s A.S father threatened to kill him- You can overcome a bad childhood and oppressive parents

Did Allah Displease You?

Zakariya A.S struggled to have a child- Infertility isn’t a sign that God is displeased with you

Innocent Prisoner

Yusuf A.S was put in prison for something he didn’t do- Sometimes innocent people are unjustly imprisoned

Great People Experiencing Trails

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) was an orphan, a widower, and had to grieve the loss of his children- The best of mankind experienced these trials too.


In your broken heartedness, remember that you are not alone”Even if you have no one, you are in the care of ALLAH”. And the difficulties in the life of great people should be the cool water for your broken heart.

And Allah knows best.


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