Did Prophet Ibraheem Hate Idols? But Why?


The question is not, did prophet Ibraheem hate idols? It’s much more important to know why he hates idols.

You have probably heard that all prophets are against the worshipping of idols.

When Prophet Ibraheem was a child, he was always wondering about the world around him, one important thing that he pounded about, is the existence of Allah.

During his childhood, idols are what people worship, even his father make and sell the status the people worship.

Years passed and Prophet Ibraheem grew. Since his childhood, his heart had been full of hatred for these idols.

He could not understand how a sane person could make a statue and then worship what he
had made.

He noticed that these idols did not eat, drink or talk and they could not even turn themselves right side up if someone turned them upside down.

How, then could people believe that such statues could harm or benefit them?

Prophet Ibraheem’s people had a big temple full of idols, in the middle of which was a niche accommodating the biggest gods which were of different kinds, qualities and shapes.

Prophet Ibraheem, who used to go to the temple with his father when he was a child, greatly despised all that wood and stone.

What surprised him was the way his people behaved when they entered the temple; they bowed and started to cry, begging and imploring their gods for help as if the idols could hear or understand these requests!

Therefore, one reason why he hated idols, is because people worship them instead of their true Creator – Allah.

Worshipping idols is a form of Shirk, that may put someone in the hellfire on the day of Judgement.

May Allah save us.


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