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Can A Muslim Fight For Love?

Can A Muslim Fight For Love? What if my parent is against who I’m in love with,
A Muslim man is permitted to marry anyone he likes from the women whom Allaah has permitted him to marry, but he is expected to marry a religious Muslim woman that has a good moral because this is the basis of a truly happy marriage. Also, he is permitted to marry a good woman from the People of the Book, i.e., Jews and Christians.

“Can A Muslim Fight For Love?” Another concept for a happy marriage is that his parents should be pleased with his choice of bride, and part of the way in which parents show their love and kindness towards their son is by helping him to get married, by rendering their help Spiritually, Morally and Financially.

As regards fighting for love, let’s have a very good insight into this matter. We believe that feeling love for a particular woman is not the be-all and end-all in a Muslim’s life, for which he should give up everything that matters to him. A Muslim should be wise and pays good attention to everything that is in his interests, such as the woman’s religious commitment and moral character, his parents’ approval, his own honor and reputation among people, the future of the marriage, and its potential to endure, whether any bad things will result from his marriage to a particular woman and whether this outweighs his interests, the environment in which the children of the marriage will grow up, the nature of his future in-laws.

It is not the matter of falling in love alone, rather, marriage is a life contract, we should be careful with whom we want to Sign this contract….


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