11 Benefits Derived From Surat Al-Fatihah That You Will Find Helpful


Surat Al-Fatihah is the greatest Surah in the Quran. Also, the benefits derived from Surat Al-Fatihah affirms that these words of the Prophet are true.

The Prophet said to Abu Sa’id bin Al-Mu’alla: I will teach you the greatest Surah of the Quran before you leave the Masjid.

He then said to him. ‘All praise is for Allah, Lord of all that exists

And that’s the beginning of Surat Al-Fatihah.

With that been said, let look at them:

11 benefits derived from Surat Al-Fatihah…

…that you will find helpful.

1. It’s One Of The Pillars Of Prayer

The recitation of Al-Fatihah is one of the pillars of prayer, for the Prophet said:

” There is no prayer for he who doesn’t recite the Opening of the Book.”

This applies to both the Imam and the one who prays alone.

2. It’s Obligatory To Recite Surat Al-Fatihah For The Followers

As for the one who follows an Imam during prayer, it is obligatory according to the correct opinion, in both the quiet and audible prayers.

3. It’s Embrase The Principles Of Faith In Allah’s Perfect Name

This chapter embraces those principles that necessitate faith in Allah’s perfect Names and exalted Attributes, principles that the Imams and the early generations of Islam upheld.

How Should You Affirm The Perfect Names And Attributes Of Allah (SWT)

They would affirm for Allah a quality that He affirmed for Himself or that His Messenger (PBUH) affirmed – without distorting the meaning of that Name, without comparing any of Allah’s Qualities with those of creation, without likening them to those of His creation, and without trying to explain the reality of those qualities.

Beleif In The Perfect Name Of Allah?

They believed, for example, that Allah is Rahman and Raheem, the Possessor of mercy that these Names describe; that He is the All-Knowing the Possessor of knowledge, Who knows all things;
that He is All-Capable, the Possessor of ability Who is able to do all things.

4. Another Benefit of Surat Al-Fatihah: It Signifies All That Allah Loves

It includes the meaning of worship, which is comprehensive. It signifies all that Allah loves and is pleased with, from sayings and deeds, both apparent and hidden.

5. Surat Al-Fatihah Remind Us Of The Day Of Accountability And Reward

The Muslim must remember the Day of Recompense, the Day of accountability and reward. When one remembers that Day, one will be better able to perform the obligatory deeds and avoid unlawful deeds.

So, one of the important benefits of Surat Al-Fatihah is that it reminds us of the end of time, and what happened afterwards. Which keep us to doing good and ignoring bad act.

6. It’s Showed Why Shirk Nullified Act Of Whorship

When Shirk is mixed with worship, the act of worship becomes nullified.

7. Surat Al-Fatihah Explain The Three Categories Of Tawhid

It includes the three categories of Tawhid:

i) Tauhid Ar-Rububiyyah (Lordship), which is taken from Allah’s saying, “the Lord of all that exists.”

ii) Tauhid Al-llahiyyah, which means to single out Allah for worship, and it is inferred from the word “Allah” and from, “You alone do we worship and from You alone do we ask for help.”

iii) Tauhid Al-Asma’ was-Sifat, which means to affirm those perfect Qualities of Allah that He affirmed for Himself, or that the Prophet (PBUH) affirmed for Him. And this is indicated by the statement, “All praise is for Allah.”

8. It Teaches Us To Affirms That Prophets Exist

Surat Al-Fatihah benefits us and “Guide us to the straight path,” which affirms Prophethood.

9. It Proof Whether Their Will Be Reward For Every Action

“Owner of the Day of Recompense,” affirms that we will be punished or rewarded according to our deeds.

11. Surat Al-Fatihah Guide To The Straight Path

And “Guide us to the straight path,” includes an affirmation of the Divine Will and a refutation of the people of innovation and misguidance, since it is a recognition of the truth and acting upon it.

“You (alone) we worship and (from) You (alone) we ask for help,”clearly shows that worship must be dedicated purely and sincerely for Allah alone.

Source: Al-Ahkamul-Mulimmah Alad-Durusul-Muhimmah by ‘Abdul- ‘Aziz Al-Fayiz.


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