Shun Fashion: Barbers Suffer Under The Taliban Rule As Afghans


Nader Shah said barbers suffer under the Taliban after the mid-August incident which brought the Taliban to power.

Most Afghans now have not much cash they could use for fashioned haircuts, in addition to their fear of being punished for sporting short or fashionable cuts under the new Afghanistan government.

In Herat, Afghanistan’s third-biggest city, Quiffs, mohawks, and crew cuts were young men’s fashioned hairstyles. Part of Nader Shah styling cut.

In his statement, Shah said. “Before, people came and asked for different hairstyles, but it’s simply not like that anymore. Now they are heartbroken.”

Shah is a 24-year-old barber, in Afghanistan, who suffer under Taliban rule. Due to the shortcoming of customers.

In their previous ruling in 1996 to 2001, the Taliban banned flamboyant hairstyles and insisted men grow beards.

After the Taliban lost power in the majority of Afghanistan land, young men embark on clean-shaven, which was considered a sign of modernity, throughout the Afghan especially the western city of Herat.

“Now people come here and they only ask for simple cuts. They also don’t shave their beards, so it’s a problem now.” Shah added.

He has been in the business for 15 years after starting as a young apprentice, and this latest downturn in the country reduced his daily earnings from $15 to between $5 and $7.

Mohammad Yousefi, ( age 32), another barber said he has had to dramatically lower his prices — from $6 a cut to just $1 — to keep his shop running.

“Because of the Taliban situation, customers have less income and they pay us less,” he said.

“It’s not like the Taliban are fashionable, but people don’t shave their beards because the Taliban will stop and ask them about it,” he said. “They say it’s not in sharia law, and that men should have beards and long hair.”

Ali Reza deftly chopped his scissors over a customer’s beard as waiting clients discussed Afghan politics.

“Those young people who are still here are not interested in cutting their hair or beards anymore because the economy is really poor,” Reza said.

After the Taliban takeover, job opportunities have dried up in the country.


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