Avoid Excessive Use Of The Smartphone And Stop The Latest Addiction


If you don’t want to get hooked down or be the source of frustration for yourself then you should avoid excessive use of the smartphone.

Why do you think that’s even important?

Well, it is a matter of self-reflection, how many times, have you find yourself embedding your face on the screen of your phone, scrolling through the Facebook feed, Instagram or watching videos on Tick Tok?

Probably, countless out hours have been wasted on such activities. Something that brings little or no useful return on your time.

Let me explain better.

Why Avoid Excessive Use Of The Smartphone?

First, carefully spending your time would not only improve your productivity but also let you devote more time to offer supplement prayer, supplication and be more close to Allah. While distancing yourself from the too much sugary of this world.

However, no one said you should not enjoy yourself or your life. It’s just that, shouldn’t you expel yourself from something that will make life worst in the hereafter?

Absolutely, yes.

Smartphone Addition: How People Waste Their Time For Useless Task

Though, you may argue that your phone is part of your business. Or it is so important that you need to stay using it every single time.

The reason why you should avoid excessive use of smartphones or social media is to be able to get the most out of your time. So that you will have time to perform an act of worship, prayer (Solat), Nafil, Dua, Resting, and having more time with your family.

If you can probably schedule your time to achieve more religious and personal growth, I think it should be OK, because you have already avoided excessive use of your phone.

The only thing, though, is to avoid or block any kind of devilish act that can destroy your belief or your religious deed, including your personality.

Many People Are Afflicted By This

You should not be a victim of smartphone addiction.

So many people are afflicted by this? From the time they raise their heads in the morning from sleep, they draw near to their smartphone, just as a child devours its mother’s breast. They then busy themselves and others over the phone, calling house-to-house and from office to office, chatting and watching short videos while viewing pictures.

Trying to satisfying the need in themselves.


I wrote this so that we will be aware of smartphone addiction and avoid excessive use of the smartphone. However, for those who are still victims, we have nothing to say to these people, except supplicate for them with goodness and advise them to give up this excessiveness.

Part of this article is taken from The Islamic Etiquette of Using the Telephone by Shaykh Bakr Abu Zayd


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