Some media have been reporting stories about Jihadists, using the chance to criticize and discriminate Islam as a whole. The question now is, are the Jihadist Bandits Muslims?

I think this needs some explanations. Because of the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan and the recent two blasts of bombs in an Airport. The media have been warning people over what could be the results of the Taliban administration.

It getting worse, as death tolls in Nigeria increase due to some incidents, especially the current conflict in Jos.

Some groups of people in other countries have also been reported to be celebrating the Afghan takeover by the Taliban.

However, with all the killings all over the world, the media have a strong focus on the area where the Jihadists are winning over the strick. But they have forgotten the non-stop stick of Israel on Palestine.

To answer the question of whether the Jihadists are Muslim. I think there is a mix-up somewhere. Because in Islam Jihad means to fight for the cause of Allah alone.

Not for money.

Come to think about this, when Boko Haram started spreading in Nigeria, some people say they are trying to take over Nigeria for Islam.

But not until the news of bombing Mosques came on grand that most people know what the nation is facing.

That suggested to you that, banditry, which the media and some others claim is purely non-religious and strictly business, is now wearing religious garb.

Because they kidnapped indiscriminately, Muslims or Christians, largely for money.

I want to point something out here. Jihadist bandits? There are two words combined.

One good and bad. The combination of these words can never bring the peace we all ought and dream of.

For Christian will take revenge on Muslims to stop the bandit. While the Muslims will also retaliate. Thereby leaving the bandit to widening their power and embedding themselves in the society.

So, why are they being called Jihadist bandits?

Perhaps maybe the media is now admitting that they are just bandits, not Jihadists. Even if they didn’t admit it.

It is wrong to tag the bandits as Jihadists because no true Muslims will do anything without guidance from the Quran and Hadiths.

And it’s not hidden that the brutality happening all around is part of what Islam is against.

Read through the history of Islam and see how the Prophet (PBUH) and Sahaabah fought battles.

Also, Jihad is all about striving in the cause of Allah (al-jihad fi Allah) for a just cause as firmly established in the Quran (4:95) and Hadith, not what all these groups of brainwashed youths are doing with the effective collaborators of a section of the media, because in doing Jihad, Islam warns against the killing of innocent people, especially the children and women, including the aged, wanton destruction of adversaries’ crops or property is strictly forbidden, not to talk of vandalisation of their places of worship.

A true Jihadist will never indulge in any of this madness. – Muslim news Nigeria

That said, all these hate speeches spreading the words Jihadist Bandits should be stopped. For it will only result in further conflict.

In conclusion, this is a wake-up call for all media to verify the identity of any group before tagging them as a Jihadist.


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