After 9/11 America Muslims Suffer Terrorism


It’s sad that after 9/11 America Muslims Suffer Terrorism. The aftermath of the dreadful 9/11 attack on the twin towers called the attention to the Muslim Americans, labelling them as a terrorist.

Terrorism in NEW YORK — A man spat an epithet at two Muslim girls, as he drives past them and rolled down his car’s window. The two little girls were wearing hijabs.

This happened after 9/11, in 2001 when 10-year-old Shahana Hanif and her younger sister were on their way to s nearby local mosque in Brooklyn.

However, the girls who are afraid and scared make a speedful run to hide from the unknown terrorist driver.

One Ishaq Pathan, 26, was accused by a boy who asked when Ishaq seemed angry. Saying is he going to blow up their Connecticut school.

He was also taken aside after a college semester in Morocco, in an airport for additional questioning.

Ishaq feels helpless.

“I remember being like, ‘Hey, do you have to read that?’” Pathan says. The agent “just looks at me like, ‘You know, I can read anything on your computer. I’m entitled to anything here.’ And at that point, I remember having tears in my eyes. I was completely and utterly powerless.”

His discussion with the agent, who looked at his belongings, including the laptop where he kept a private journal and started reading it.

After 9/11 happened, Shukri Olow, who was born in Somalia, and fled the civil war with her family. A teacher asked her, “What are your people doing?” Some other people also “said that this isn’t our fault… and we need to make sure that you’re safe.”

Nearly half Muslims of the respondents said ‘ they experienced at least one instance of religious discrimination within the year before, yet 49% said someone expressed support for them because of their religion in the previous year.’ – 2017 Pew Research Center survey.

Ahmed Ali Akbar, have a different opinion at the end.

Shortly after 9/11, some adults in his community arranged for an assembly at his school in Saginaw, Michigan, where he and other students talked about Islam and Muslims.

Akbar poured his heart into the research. But he recalls his confusion at some of the questions: Where is bin Laden? What’s the reason behind the attacks?

“How am I supposed to know where Osama bin Laden is? I’m an American kid,” he says.

That is part of the incident after 9/11.

Source: The Associated Press


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