On Saturday the Afghan government prepares to dispatch its troop to recover 85% of Afghan territory from the Taliban – The Islamic movement.

The Taliban has claimed to have control over 85% of Afghan, including key border posts between Iran and Afghan.

Out of the blue, the Militants seized, Islam Qala, Torghundi, Turkmenistan which are some of the most key sources of revenge for the country. However, the Islamist group have been out of power after the 2001 US invasion, but now they are taking advantage of the withdrawal of the US army as President Biden Ordered.

The Taliban goal seems to conquer key tracts especially rural areas. And as of now seized 85% of the Afghan land.

The government spokesman in Herat assured the government is preparing to deploy new troops to recover the crossing – especially the Islam Qala crossing.

“The reinforcements have not been dispatched to Islam Qala yet. They will be dispatched soon,” Jilani Farhad told AFP.

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That said, Ismail Khan Militant announced his support for the Afghan government against the so-called Taliban. The Khan Military was deployed on Saturday to the city of Herat.

Ismail Khan Militant Aided US troops in 2001

“We have distributed some 10,000 weapons to the combatants and we have deployed our forces to defend to the people, “Maroof Gholami, head of Ismail Khan’s forces in Herat, told AFP.

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Basir Ahmad, a member of the Ismail Khan military, told AFP he was there “to defend Herat and other provinces” since the Taliban “intend to attack Herat.” “We will defend it until we have not a drop of blood left,” he said, declaring himself ready to go “wherever Ismail Khan takes us.”

In short, the Afghan government has dispatched soldiers to reclaim a key border crossing point. With the support from the Ismail Khan group, and they were deployed on Saturday to stop the attack of the Taliban – the Islamic Movement group.


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