Prison-Baby: A Palestine Mother Will Be Giving Birth In An Israeli Prison


After the conflict between Palestine and Isreal, some Muslim women were imprisoned. Among them is Anhar Al-Deek. The Palestine Mother will be giving birth in an Israeli prison.

The young Palestinian mother Anhar Al-Deek (25 years) will be giving birth to her second child this month inside a cell in an Israeli prison. A horrifying experience of which Anhar is dreadfully afraid and is fretting over.

Humanitarian organizations are raising the voice for the immediate release of Anhar so she could give birth normally, especially that she resides detained by Israeli occupation without even “trial”.

About her due date which has become a nightmare approaching, Anhar said from prison,

“The prison is not equipped for labour or raising a child because the conditions here are extremely bad…

We, adults, are afraid here, so how would it be for a child to be born and raised here? I suffer from pregnancy depression, extreme exhaustion, and the bed is not suitable for even sleeping. I ask all people with a conscience to raise the voice and demand my release..”

No pregnant woman in the entire world should be left to face such brutality and oppression.

Source: Eye of Palestine

This is part of the horrible experience faced by Muslim mothers in Isreal.

That said, the Israeli Prison management has not decided to release Anhar Al-Deek as of the time of this report as she is still in the prison waiting for the outcome. Or maybe she will be giving birth in an Israeli prison.

Anhar Al-Deek wrote a letter to her family, the images below outline the message in her letter.

May Allah protect them all.


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