A Drone Attack On Saudi Arabia’s Abha Airport Has Wounded Eight People


A drone attack on Saudi Arabia’s Abha airport has wounded eight people, said the Saudi-led coalition battling Houthi rebels in neighbouring Yemen. – Al Jazeera

He said on Tuesday in a statement from the kingdom’s official Al-Ekhbariya television channel. “a second drone attempting to attack Abha International Airport was intercepted and shot down,”

The statement explains that “Eight people were wounded and a civilian aircraft was damaged, according to initial information,”

Sadly, drone attacks on Saudi Arabia’s Abha airport have caused a lot of damage, the people injured included one Saudi national, a Nepalese, three people from India and three from Bangladesh.

Also, the flight was temporarily halted to ensure the safety of incoming and departing aircraft, as well as other civilians at the airport.

However, there is no report statement from the rebels yet.

Just a few days after missiles and drones slammed into a key military base in Yemen’s south, before this current event. Which killed at least 30 Saudi-backed Yemeni troops.

In short, while the UN is aiming to end the war, the Houthis, however, have wanted the reopening of Sanaa airport. Which was closed in 2016.

To stop and ease the conflict, the UN special envoy for Yemen, Hans Grundberg, will officially assume his duties on September 5.


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