5 Virtues Of Surat Al-‘Asr Outlied 5 Things You Should Know As A Muslim


Every Muslims’ dream is to be among the people of Paradise, and that Allah forgives all our sins. In addition to the general people desire to leave a better life in this world.

However, entering paradise will not just happen. Yes, you know. And that is why I have outlined below the 5 virtues of Surat Al-‘Asr you must know as a Muslim.

At-Tabarani mentioned that ‘Ubaidullah bin Hafs said, “When two men from the Companions of the Messenger of Allâh would meet, they wouldn’t part from one another until one of them recited Surat

Al-‘Asr, until its end; then they would give greetings of peace to one another after it.” It was also recorded by Al-Bayhaqi from Abu Huthaifah. Ash-Shafi’i said, “If Allâh had revealed only this Surah to His creatures, it would have been enough for them.”

He said that because in this Surah stages are mentioned that if one completes all of those stages, he achieves his completion. The stages are as follows:

  1. To know the truth.
  2. To apply it in practice.
  3. To teach it to one who doesn’t know it or who is weak in his
    knowledge of it.
  4. To be patient regarding the preceding stages: patient when you
    are learning the truth, patient when you are applying the truth,
    and patient when you are teaching the truth.
  5. To strengthen your knowledge you must have faith, and to strengthen your application you must perform good deeds. Then you should be patient in your knowledge, your actions, and in your teaching.

This Surah, despite its brevity, is one of the most comprehensive Surahs of the Qur’an, and all praise is due to Allah.

These virtues outlined were the work of Shiekh Abdul-Aziz bin Abdullah bin Baz.


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