3 Killed: Islamic State Attack In Iraq


Baghdad, Iran: A civilian along with two officers of the Iraqi army were killed in Iran in an Islamic State attack, on Tuesday, the report outlined.

In the report made by security, the source said the attack was carried out by the Islamic State militants, from the group in the Diyala and Salahudin provinces.

Major Alaa al-Saadi told Xinhua, that Lt. Col. Jassim al-Shimmery, the commander of an army battalion in the eastern province of Diyala was killed in a roadside bomb, which detonated near the Lt. Col. Jassim al-Shimmary’s military vehicle.

The bomb was planted by IS militants and went blast outside the town of Jalawla.

Major al-Saadi added that, the IS militants also fired on a truck – owned by a civilian, result in the death of the driver. This killing happened outside the town of Wajihah which is near the provincial capital of Baquba.

Baquba is close to Baghdad nearly about 65 kilometres (km).

The security forces have also repelled two attacks from the IS militant. The attack was carried out on the military in two villages about 40 km from Baquba. However, al-Saadi said ‘No casualties were reported and the attackers fled the scenes’

In the north od Baghdad, Salahuddin province, an Iraqi army officer was shot to death by IS militants, the attacker broke into his house and fired on him in a village of the provincial capital – Tikrit, Col. Mohammed al-Bazi told Xinhua.

Like most of the latest reports, in the past months, IS militants have targeted their attack on the Iraqi security forces. While intensifying it on the forces. Dozens were dead and wounded in the attack.


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